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Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

Who Can Claim?
  • Driver
  • Passenger
  • Pedestrian
  • Cyclist
  • Motorbike rider

Workplace Injury Claims

Who Can Claim?

If you are an employee or sub-contractor who has been injured at work or during the course of work and suffered an injury or loss you may make a claim for workers compensation.

What Can You Claim?

Public Liability Claims

Who Can Claim?

Any person injured in a public place or private premises as a result of the negligence (faulty and/or carelessness) of an owner or occupier may be entitled to compensation. Negligence is simply doing something without reasonable amount of care, or failing to do something that might reasonably have been.

Medical Negligence Claims

Who Can Claim?

Health Care Providers and Hospitals owe a duty of care to whom they provide a service. This means that they must take steps to ensure that persons in their care come to no foreseeable harm through their actions or inactions.

Equity Law

Family Law

Wills and Succession

The law of succession is concerned with the legal consequences flowing from the death of a person on that person’s property regardless of whether that person leaves a will or not. The law of succession is generally concerned with the transmission or redistribution of property upon a person’s death. In short, the law of succession determines how inheritance is handled upon the death of a person and the process by which that person’s will is carried out.

Hague Convention 1980

Private International Law

Private international law is a body of principals, rules and policies that determine which legal system and which jurisdiction apply to a given dispute. Such procedural principles, rules and policies typically apply when legal dispute has a foreign element such as a contact agreed by parties located in different states or countries.

Commercial Litigation


The sale and purchase of properties and businesses